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Discover the characters of season 8 of Fortnite

Welcome to all Fortnite fans! If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re looking for information about the Season 8 characters. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting to get into the world of Fortnite, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the new Season 8 characters, from their abilities to their backgrounds. So get ready to meet the new Fortnite protagonists and dive into the Season 8 experience!

Fortnite characters are essential to the game, as each one has unique abilities that set them apart from the rest. Season 8 brings us new characters that we guarantee you’ll want to meet. With their unique personalities and styles, these characters are sure to make you fall in love as you discover each one of them.

Do not miss this opportunity to meet the new Fortnite characters. Read on and find out everything you need to know about them.

Fortnite season 8 character list

Fortnite Season 8 has arrived with a host of new characters and skins. Here is the full list of characters available this season:

classic characters

Classic Fortnite characters are still present in Season 8, like John Wick, Lara Croft, and some Marvel characters like Iron Man and Thor.

new characters

Fortnite season 8 has introduced some new characters, like Carnage, a Marvel villain, and some characters inspired by mythology, like a minotaur and a giant.

exclusive characters

In addition to the classic and new characters, there are also some exclusive characters that can only be obtained through the purchase of the Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass.

New Fortnite season 8 characters

New Fortnite season 8 characters

The new characters of Fortnite season 8 They are one of the most anticipated novelties by the players of this popular battle royale game. Among the new characters are:


This character has aquatic abilities thanks to his magical trident, which allows him to control water and move faster in rivers and seas. He can even create giant waves to attack his enemies.


This character is equipped with a flamethrower and lava bombs to fight in high-risk areas. Additionally, he can create walls of fire to protect himself from enemy attacks.


This character has high-tech abilities such as a jetpack and an energy shield that allows him to absorb incoming attacks. He can also fire laser blasts to damage his enemies.

These new characters add to the already extensive roster of characters available in Fortnite Season 8, increasing each player’s strategic possibilities in battle.

Fortnite season 8 character skins

  Fortnite season 8 character skins

Skins are one of the most popular and highly anticipated features in Fortnite Season 8. Here are some of the most popular skins:

The Foundation

The Foundation is a leader skin from Fortnite Season 8. This skin features a masked character in a high-tech full body suit with a flowing red cape behind him. The Foundation also comes with a futuristic-style pickaxe and backpack.


Carnage is an impressive character skin that features an alien symbiote that attaches itself to the player’s body. Players using Carnage have the ability to throw tentacles and jump long distances.


Guggimon is an interesting character skin that features a quirky mask and striped outfit. This skin also comes with a matching pickaxe and backpack in the shape of a teddy bear.

In addition to these skins, Fortnite season 8 also has new and exclusive skins for existing characters. Each skin has its own story and unique abilities, so be sure to check them all out.

Unlock characters in Fortnite season 8

Unlock characters in Fortnite season 8

In Fortnite season 8, there are several characters that you can unlock and use during the game. To unlock them, you’ll need to complete certain challenges or reach certain levels in the battle pass. Here’s how to unlock some of the characters:

Divine Onslaught

In order to unlock Divine Onslaught, you will need to reach Tier 20 in the Season 8 Battle Pass. Once you reach Tier 20, you will receive the corresponding reward and be able to use this character.

dark crusade

To unlock Dark Crusade, you will need to complete the challenges for week 5 in Season 8. These challenges include visiting certain locations on the map and taking out certain enemies. Once you have completed all the challenges, you will be able to unlock the Dark Crusade and use it in the game.

Remember that some characters will only be available for a limited time, so it’s important to keep an eye on the end dates of the challenges or the battle pass to make sure you get them. Good luck on your quest to unlock every character in Fortnite Season 8!

Tips for playing with Fortnite season 8 characters

Tips for playing with Fortnite season 8 characters

Know the abilities of each character: Before starting a game, make sure you know the abilities of the available characters to select the one that best suits your play style. Some focus on melee attack, while others have defense or movement skills. Make sure you understand how to use each ability to get the most out of each character.

Practice to improve your aim: Although some characters have melee attack abilities, most weapons in Fortnite are long-range and require practice to learn how to use them effectively. Spend time practicing your aim and familiarizing yourself with the different weapons available to each character for the best chance of winning.

Take advantage of available resources: In Fortnite, there are many resources available that can help you survive longer and gain an advantage over your opponents. Be sure to collect materials, such as wood, stone, and metal, to build defensive and offensive structures during matches. Also, look for weapon and equipment upgrades to increase your abilities.


With these tips, you will be better prepared to play with the characters of Fortnite season 8. Remember to practice and learn the abilities of each character to be successful in the game.

Fortnite season 8 character skills comparison

Fortnite season 8 character skills comparison

In Fortnite season 8 there are various characters with unique and special abilities. Next, the main abilities of each character and their potential in the game will be detailed:


Carnage is a very powerful character in close combat. His special ability allows him to launch a shockwave that deals damage to nearby enemies and disorients them. Also, his secondary ability transforms him into a bigger and stronger version, increasing his life and attack damage.


Torin is a character specialized in exploration and movement. His special ability allows him to jump higher and run faster for a short period of time. Also, his secondary ability allows him to build jump pads to reach high or inaccessible places.

JB Chimpanski

JB Chimpanski is a very versatile and useful character in team play. His special ability allows him to revive his fallen teammates faster and with more life. Also, his secondary ability allows him to build temporary barricades to protect himself from enemy attacks.

Fabio Sparklemane

Fabio Sparklemane is a very funny and colorful character, but also Very dangerous in ranged combat. His special ability allows him to throw a rainbow of objects that deal damage and blind nearby enemies. In addition, his secondary ability allows him to transform into a faster and more agile version, improving his shooting accuracy and his ability to dodge enemy attacks.

In short, each Fortnite season 8 character has unique abilities that can be very useful in different game situations. It is important to know and master them to get the most out of each character and achieve victory on the battlefield.

Rumors about new characters in Fortnite season 8

Rumors about new characters in Fortnite season 8

7. Possible additions to season 8

Rumors about the arrival of new characters in Fortnite season 8 have not stopped growing. Although there is no official confirmation from Epic Games, some players have speculated about the appearance of characters from other franchises, such as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider or Master Chief from Halo. Characters from popular movies or TV series have also been rumored to be included, but there is no verifiable information yet.

7.Changes in the abilities of the current characters

In addition to possible additions of new characters, there has been speculation about possible changes in the abilities of the current characters. Some users have suggested that new abilities could be introduced or existing ones improved in Season 8. There has also been talk about possible adjustments to the abilities of the most used characters to achieve greater equality between them.

7. Release dates of the new characters

Although there is no official information, some rumors suggest that the new characters could arrive in Fortnite in the course of season 8. However, others speculate that they could be released in future seasons. Players will be keeping an eye on future game updates to find out if these rumors are confirmed and when they will be able to experience new characters in Fortnite.