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Master Animal Crossing and get 3 stars

If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing, you know how important stars are. Getting three stars on your island is a great achievement, as it means that you have created a beautiful and welcoming place where the inhabitants can live happily. But how do you get those coveted three stars?

Don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this article we will give you the best tips and tricks to get those three stars in Animal Crossing. From decorating your island with furniture and flowers, to keeping your inhabitants happy and content, we’ll give you all the keys to success.

So read on and learn how to get those valuable three stars in Animal Crossing. Your island will be the envy of all the other inhabitants!

Guide to get 3 stars in Animal Crossing

Guide to get 3 stars in Animal Crossing

Getting 3 stars in Animal Crossing is a desired goal for many players looking to upgrade their island and access new game features. To achieve this goal, it is important to follow the following steps:

Increase the population of your island

To achieve 3 stars in Animal Crossing, you need to have at least 7 inhabitants on your island. To get new neighbors, you need to create houses and prepare them with furniture and everything they need to move. If you already have all 7 occupants, make sure you keep them happy and content so they don’t move out.

Improve the facilities and decoration

The decoration of your island is very important to get 3 stars. Add trees, flowers, fences and decorative objects to beautify your island. It is also important to improve the facilities on the island, such as the town hall or Tom Nook’s shop. For this, you need to get materials and pay for upgrades.

Add special objects and furniture

To get 3 stars, you need to add special items and furniture to your island. These items can be recipes you get from your neighbors or from Tom Nook’s shop. You can also get special furniture from the furniture store or from other players. Make sure you have a wide variety of objects and furniture to improve the evaluation of your island.

Tips to improve your island in Animal Crossing

Tips to improve your island in Animal Crossing

Plan the layout of your island

Before starting to decorate your island, it is important that you take into account the arrangement of the elements. It is recommended that you use a pencil and paper to draw a map of your island and plan the location of the main elements, such as the character’s house, shops, museums and bridges. In this way, you will be able to create a harmonious and well-organized island.

Use trees and flowers to decorate

Trees and flowers are essential elements when decorating your island in Animal Crossing. Trees can create shade and give a sense of depth to the island, while flowers can add color and beauty. Also, you can use them to create small gardens or forests on your island.

Take advantage of special events

In Animal Crossing, there are many special events that can help you improve your island score. For example, the Christmas event allows you to decorate your island with lights and gifts, while the Halloween event allows you to use items like pumpkins and costumes to decorate your island. Take advantage of these events to bring more life to your island and attract more visitors.

Create themed zones

Another way to improve your island in Animal Crossing is by creating themed zones. You can create a picnic area with tables and chairs, a beach area with lounge chairs and umbrellas, a camping area with tents and campfires, etc. In this way, your island will be more diverse and attractive to visitors.

How to increase your island score in Animal Crossing

How to increase your island score in Animal Crossing

Your island’s score in Animal Crossing is a measure of how attractive it is to your inhabitants and visitors. The higher the score, the more benefits you will have, such as the arrival of new neighbors and the appearance of special events. If you want to improve your island score, follow these tips:

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are a key element to increase the score of your island. Add different types of trees, shrubs, and flowers to add variety and color to your landscapes. Also, add a personal touch to your garden by placing bushes and paths.

outdoor furniture

The outdoor furniture is also important to improve the score of your island. Place benches, lampposts and other decorative objects in your squares and parks to give your island a more welcoming air. Also, don’t forget to place garbage cans and bins to keep your island clean and tidy.

Neighbors and shops

Your neighbors and the shops on your island also influence your score. Make sure you have enough shops and services, like the Town Hall and the Nook Shop, to meet the needs of your inhabitants. Also, try to keep your neighbors happy and happy so that your island has a good reputation in the community.

By following these tips, you will be able to improve your island score in Animal Crossing and enjoy all the benefits that come with having an attractive and prosperous island.

The best island designs in Animal Crossing

The best island designs in Animal Crossing

One of Animal Crossing’s biggest draws is the ability to customize your own island. With a variety of design options, from building placement to tree planting, there are no limits to what you can create. Here are some of the most impressive island designs we’ve seen.

theme island

One of the best ways to make your island stand out is to make it themed. This can be as simple as choosing a theme for your furniture, or you can take it a step further and create a completely themed island. Some popular themes include a fantasy island, a dessert island, or even a video game island.

water island

If you are looking for a more relaxing approach to your island, a water island is a great option. You can create a meandering river that runs through the island or even a waterfall that cascades into a calm lake. Be sure to include some hammocks and beach chairs so that visitors can enjoy the calm environment.

urban island

If you prefer a more modern feel to your island, you can create an urban island. Be sure to include buildings like shops and cafes, and consider adding details like traffic lights and road signs for an authentic touch. You can also build skyscrapers or towers to give an impressive touch to your island.

How to get more visitors in Animal Crossing

How to get more visitors in Animal Crossing

One of the most important parts of Animal Crossing is being able to share your island with other players and get more visitors. Here are some tips for getting more friends and visitors to your island:

Use social networks

One of the most effective ways to get visitors is through social media. Post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and other social networking sites about your island and your friend code. Use popular hashtags like #AnimalCrossing or #ACNH to increase the chances of more people seeing your posts.

Visit other islands

Visit the islands of other players and leave your friend code. By interacting with other players, you will increase the chances that they will also visit your island. Make sure to be kind and respectful on other people’s islands.

Participate in online events

Participate in online events hosted by players or by Animal Crossing-related websites. This will give you the opportunity to meet other players and maybe even make friends who visit your island.

Create a unique and attractive island

If you have a unique and attractive island, you will increase the chances that other players will want to visit it. Make sure you have a good diversity of shops, buildings, and decorations. You can also give your island a specific theme to make it more interesting.

how to decorate your island in Animal Crossing

How to decorate your island in Animal Crossing

One of the most important parts of Animal Crossing is decorating your island. Here are some tips to make your island unique and welcoming:

6.Plan the arrangement of your elements

Before randomly placing objects, plan the arrangement of your elements so that the island has a cohesive design. Think about key places like the central square, the beach and the rivers. Also, group similar items together and think about symmetry.

6. Use different decorative elements

Do not limit the decoration of your island to the furniture and basic elements. Use items like flowers, bushes, trees, and rocks to make your island unique. In addition, you can use other elements such as ponds, lampposts or bridges to give it a special touch.

6. Create themed areas

To make your island more interesting, create different themed areas. For example, you can create a picnic area, a children’s play area, a zen garden or an amusement park. Also, you can use different decorative elements to make each themed area unique.

6. Add details to your island

Details are very important to make your island more interesting. Add details like streetlights, statues, fountains, road signs, or gardens. In addition, you can add interactive elements such as benches, picnic tables or hammocks.

The best tricks for Animal Crossing

The best tricks for Animal Crossing

How to get berries faster in Animal Crossing

Undoubtedly, getting berries is one of the most important activities in Animal Crossing, since it allows us to buy objects, pay off debts, and improve our island. To get berries faster, we recommend:

  • Plant fruit trees and sell the fruit
  • Hunt bugs and catch fish to sell to Nook’s Warehouse
  • Hunt tarantulas at night and sell them for a great price

How to get rare items in Animal Crossing

If you are looking for rare and valuable items to decorate your island, we have some tricks for you:

  • Visit neighbors frequently and talk to them to get exclusive items
  • Hunt rare bugs and fish to trade with CJ and Flick
  • Buy items in online auctions or in Facebook groups

How to get the golden tools in Animal Crossing

To get the golden tools (net, fishing rod, axe, watering can, shovel and butterfly net) you need to meet certain requirements:

  • Golden Watering Can: Water all the flowers on your island and wait for a golden flower to grow
  • Golden Axe: Break 100 consecutive axes (without leaving the island or changing tools)
  • Golden Butterfly Net – Catch all species of moths
  • Golden net: donate all the insects in the museum
  • Golden Fishing Rod: Catch all the fish in the museum